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Maximise the Customer Experience with Retail Connectivity

Retail Wireless technology reduces the complexity and cost of installation, while providing consistently available connectivity for streaming video, uploading and downloading data, and connecting voice applications. One network can be leveraged to support enterprise connectivity, video surveillance, and customer Wi-Fi. IT departments will appreciate that installing, managing the network is simple and efficient. Business managers will value the ability to monetize Wi-Fi connectivity while increasing customer traffic and satisfaction.

Wireless solutions from Cambium Networks provide end-to-end connectivity that can be deployed indoors and outdoors at a fraction of the time and cost of wired or fiber solutions. Configuring and maintaining the network is easy with our cnMaestro™ management system that simplifies installation and provides a complete view of network performance. Corner coffee shops, outdoor events, and shopping malls can now provide affordable and reliable connectivity.



Complete Coverage – Public areas can be blanketed with high capacity connectivity.

High Capacity – Wireless networks can be designed to support simultaneously downloading of streaming video, uploading of video surveillance information, conducting voice calls, and sharing data.

Secure – Networks can be configured to require password authentication that meet PCI compliance standards for secure transactions for business, while providing open Wi-Fi for customers.

Affordable – Wireless solutions provide an attractive return on investment when compared with leased lines, fiber, copper, or other solutions.

Reliable – With more than six million wireless broadband modules deployed in 150 countries around the world, Cambium Networks solutions are proven to work in any climate or application.

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