May 14, 2018


Over 120 billion business emails will be sent this year - Spam, phishing, malware and ransomware are just some


of the hazards these emails could carry.
As long as businesses keep sending and receiving emails, the bad guys will keep using them to try and attack the communication line of businesses.


Worst case scenario?

Your email is hacked; sensitive data stolen, your reputation is damaged - you go out of business.
Best case scenario?

Less spam, phishing and data theft … showing you look after personal data – an important step towards GDPR!



It is imperative to have a multi-layered email security policy in place – whether you use on-premise or cloud-based email solutions, the same security precautions apply:


  • Anti-virus and spam protection is a must – up to 90% of emails sent are spam

  • Also look for solutions that defend against malware, ransomware and targeted email attacks such as spear phishing and spoofing attacks

  • Consider greylisting (prevents unknown apps launching) as well as white and blacklisting

  • Use email encryption when sending confidential emails to protect data and automatically enforce GDPR compliance requirements.

  • Educate employees on tactics attackers use to help them identify threats - do not open email from unfamiliar senders. When in doubt, delete without opening it. Verify first before opening any attachments.



Consider cloud-delivered, as-a-service email solutions that major on ease of use: no-maintenance deployment, 24 x 7 updates, patches and hot-fixes delivered automatically by the vendor.
Emails are filtered and scanned prior to it reaching the recipient, so threats are intercepted before they touch your business’s network.

There’s nothing to remediate, no spam to archive, nothing to clean up.

BUT remember to Secure IT & Back IT up!



We’re not GDPR experts but we DO know about the best email-security solutions!

  • We provide solutions with technology based on artificial intelligence that stops email scammers impersonating executives protecting you from business email compromise attacks.

  • Solutions use Time-of-click URL blocking: malicious links are analysed and blocked before threats, like ransomware, can execute or reach the user.

  • Our email solutions are part of a wider layered security approach that shares security intelligence with other layer and application security products. (We only provide solutions that work together across all layers).





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