Wireless Security

January 18, 2018


Here are five ways you can make your network even more secure:


1. Right person, right place, right time

Let your network be its own bouncer and stop unexpected activity in
its tracks. Simplify the provisioning of network access to accelerate
security operations and consistently enforce policy anywhere in the
network. Classify traffic based on endpoint identity, not IP address.
This allows you to stop malicious actors from accessing your network
while easily meeting compliance goals.


2. Should that be happening?

Go beyond conventional threat detection and harness the power
of network analytics. Continuously monitor the network interior,
where sophisticated attackers often lurk undetected. Embed security
anomaly detection into the network element, using machine learning
for incident response and device-level mitigation. So you can
uncover and stop attacks that bypass the perimeter and infiltrate your
internal environment. And contain suspicious devices for remediation.
Cisco® Stealthwatch


3. Who goes where? 

Simplify access control across wired, wireless, and VPN connections
by cascading policies down all types of access points with softwaredefined
security policies. Make it easy to maintain regulatory compliance
and policy segmentation. So you can reduce risks and contain threats
by dynamically controlling network access, assessing vulnerabilities,
and applying threat intelligence. Not to mention containing suspicious
devices for remediation.


4. Secure your branches

Protect your extended network with the same encryption, visibility,
and ease of management as your campus with Cisco Intelligent
WAN. Block attacks and get secure connectivity and threat defense
by taking advantage of VPN, firewall, network segmentation, strong
encryption techniques, and threat defense capabilities to help ensure
that your branches get the security you need.


5. Keep one step ahead

Safeguard your infrastructure, your web, and your mobile users
with flexible software licensing that delivers features that enable
you to defend your network in real time. At the same time it keeps
you informed of the latest threats, maintains networkwide policy
consistency, and troubleshoots security issues quickly. Be sure that
the software investments you make today will last into tomorrow with
portability and easy access to upgrades and updates. Learn More


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