Wireless Wire Dish 60GHz Gigabit Link

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Wireless Wire Dish 60GHz Gigabit Link, Pair of Preconfigured LHGG-60ad Devices with Dish Antennas, 802.11ad, 4-core 716MHz CPU, 256MB RAM, 1x GLAN, RouterOS L3, PoE, PSU. Sale price while supplies last

Wireless Wire Dish

The Wireless Wire Dish is a ground-breaking solution which offers Fiber speed and quality on distances up to 1500 m for a fraction of the price!

This amazing kit makes a secure AES encrypted 60 GHz wireless link that is not affected by the crowded Wi-Fi spectrum, offering a stable and fast link for distances of 1500 meters or more. Simply point the included devices at one another and power them on, they are already preconfigured to connect automatically and will make a 2 Gb/s aggregate link.

The box includes two LHGG-60ad devices that are already paired together, power supplies, PoE injectors and mounting kits for both devices.

The RBLHGG-60ad has an extremely capable CPU, making it possible for wire speed throughput in nearly all packet sizes. The left image shows a sustained transmit of nearly 2 Gbps, the graph on the right side shows percent of wire speed achieved, based on different ethernet frame sizes. As you can see, it is wire speed in nearly all categories. 

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