What is NGVOIP

NGVOIP is a fuss-free internet phone service, which lets you make and take calls no matter where you are. On a deskphone or an app on your mobile phone. It’s ideal for people who work remotely some or all of the time. And it’s ready for when the old phone networks are switched off in 2025.

Go further with NGVOIP EXPRESS

NGVOIP EXPRESS lets you make and take calls on your business number from anywhere. So you can take your business phone wherever your business takes you.
Anonymous call rejection
Automatic call back
Basic call logs 
CallForwarding always, busy, no answer
Call forwarding not reachable
Call waiting, Transfer & Return
Calling line ID blocking
Connected line identification restriction
Do not disturb
Last number redial
Personal contacts
Selective call rejection
Shared Calling appearance
Speed Dial 8


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Work on the go with the app

With the NGVOIP EXPRESS  app, you can cleverly manage calls wherever work takes you. And get voicemail messages converted to text.

Keep the same number for life

Keep using your business number with NGVOIP Express. No matter where you move, you won’t lose the number – or your business identity.

Say goodbye to nuisance calls

Call Filter automatically blocks calls from BT’s blacklist of certified nuisance numbers to stop unwanted calls from reaching you.

Digital phone calls for a flexible future

NGVOIP Express is a fuss-free IP voice solution that offers all the essential features businesses need from their phone service. That includes call forwarding, voicemail and call waiting.

As well as being able to make and take calls from deskphones, users can connect via a mobile phone app. But they don’t need to have separate numbers for each device, so they can be reached easily anywhere. 

Customer Benefits?

NGVOIP Express is aimed primarily at small businesses - those with 10 or fewer users. These businesses want straightforward phone systems without any added extras, such as collaboration software.

Some of these businesses may also use remote or flexible working. With NGVOIP Express, Your team members can stay connected to the rest of the business, whether they’re in the office, at home or out and about.

Why is it needed?

The way businesses communicate is changing. Phone systems are going digital, with calls being carried over the internet instead of traditional analogue lines. And there are two main drivers behind this transformation. Firstly, the old PSTN and ISDN copper-based networks are being switched off in 2025, meaning all businesses will need to use IP voice services instead.

But that’s not all. There’s also been an explosion in remote and flexible working, which digital voice services, like NGVOIP Express, are perfect for. No longer are users tied to deskphones. No more do they have to switch between their main number and their mobile. Instead, they can have a seamless calling experience, no matter where they are.

Do i need it right now?
You’ll need to upgrade to an internet phone service by 2025. The later you leave it, the more difficult it might be to get migrated. If there’s a big push in demand, you might experience delays too. Plus there are benefits to NGVOIP Express that you can have today, so why miss out?
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