One phone system for all your communications

NGVOIP BUSINESS brings your voice, video, meeting and messaging tools together under a single, intuitive and flexible online portal.

Never miss a customer again

Use NGVOIP BUSINESS on any device. You have your office wherever you go, so you’ll keep your local presence and maintain that professional look.

Find out what makes your customers tick

Add Call Analytics for insights, and record calls to identify staff training gaps and experience your customer service as your callers do. .

What is NGVOIP

NGVOIP is a fuss-free internet phone service, which lets you make and take calls no matter where you are. On a deskphone or an app on your mobile phone. It’s ideal for people who work remotely some or all of the time. And it’s ready for when the old phone networks are switched off in 2025.

Your office is wherever you are with NGVOIP BUSINESS
Make, take and collaborate on voice and video calls anywhere and on any device with NGVOIP BUSINESS. Use your phone, tablet, laptop or mobile to use NGVOIP BUSINESS with Cisco Webex.
Up to 1000 attendees in video meetings
Make your presentation more engaging with immersive share
Share and collaborate
Share your screen from any device, including iOS and Android phones.
Protect your business
Protect your file, messages and whiteboard drawings, with end-to-end encryption.
Make meetings better
Get a consistent experience, anywhere, on any device.
to to 25 people on screen at once.
Use a customisable layouts to enhance your experience.
Work smarter
Reduce app swapping, thanks to integrations with third-party tools.
NGVOIP with Cisco Webex

Get even more from NGVOIP with Cisco Webex

To help your team work fast and close, we’ve built in Webex for spontaneous video conferences and online meetings, instant messaging and screen sharing. You can also integrate Webex with existing apps.

Keep on to of costs
There’s no hardware to buy aside from the phones, which means no maintenance charges. You only pay for the users you actually have.
Security? We’ve got you covered.

Integrated security software. Encrypted calls. 24/7 monitoring and call traffic analysis. With NGVOIP, your calls stay private and your data remains secure.

More reliability with NGNET

A leased line dedicated to you and your business only. You’ll get an even more reliable service with NGVOIP because you don’t share your connection, so there’s no need to worry about busy periods. calling experience, no matter where they are.

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