Hosted VoIP

Five more reasons to switch to VoIP now

VoIP is flexible, scalable and cost-effective. But then you probably knew that. Here are five more reasons to switch to all-IP telephony today.

It’s packed with useful features

A VoIP system does everything your old phone system does, and lots more besides. The right solution gives you a range of call handling features, like call forwarding, automatic call routing, call transfers, 3-way calling and so on, and lets you access them from wherever you are. They’re available if you’re working from home, from the local coffee shop or on the train to your next client meeting. Never miss an important call again.


It’s simple to manage

A lot of hosted VoIP solutions let you manage your system from an online portal. That means you can set up your phone system, users and options online, and add new users and features as your needs change. It can all be done in a few simple clicks.


It helps you control costs

Choose a cloud hosted solution and you remove the need for on-premise equipment altogether, bar the phones themselves and a router. That means you say goodbye to associated maintenance and upgrade costs, too. And lots of VoIP systems let you pay on a per user per month basis, reducing spend and simplifying budgeting. You only ever pay for what you need, helping you keep costs down.

It’s really reliable

A cloud-based VoIP solution will typically duplicate your data and services in several locations, so if one server is downed by power outage, fire or flood, your VoIP system will simply be spun up on another, many miles away. You probably won’t even notice that it’s happened. But even with on-premise VoIP systems, your ability to make and take calls won’t be lost if the worst happens. If your office equipment fails for any reason, advanced call forwarding means calls can simply be rerouted to your mobile phone or laptop.


It’s about more than just voice

VoIP gives you clear, reliable calling, and so much more. Video conferencing is easy with VoIP, and is typically built-in as part of a VoIP service. With traditional phone systems, conferencing is possible, but you probably have to pay for an add-on service. Also, VoIP can also be used as the foundation for a fully unified communications service, which integrates voice, video, SMS and chat into one seamless solution. You can also add features like collaboration tools, file sharing and presence.


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