Delight guests with exceptional Hospitality Wi-Fi Solutions. From seamless roaming to mission critical high density networks, hotel Guest Wi-Fi just needs to work.

Cambium Networks Hotel Wireless Solutions are purposely designed for hotels; from guest room wallplate access point, to high density conference room Aps and easy to install poolside APs. Consider how these advantages can help you delight the guest.


Cloud managed, intelligent edge. Critical decisions are made my access points at the point of entry, while cnMaestro™ maintains control and reporting for the network and group of networks in a single multi-tiered and scalable system.

cnMaestro management system can be run from the cloud or installed on a premises server. Same software, same advanced features. cnMaestro comes with no license fee for the most cost effective and lowest TCO solution in the market.

THE Cloud-Managed, Affordable Unified Wired/Wireless Network

  • Scalable and responsive database and 10,000 APs per premises server

  • Built-in guest access portal with rich design tools

  • APIs to greatly simplify integration with OSS / BSS systems


Exceptional guest Wi-Fi gets better and better. Hotels are thrilled to see satisfied guests and service providers that complete projects on time, every time.

Hotel Benefits – if you want the best Wi-Fi, use personal Wi-Fi in every room

Hospitality is about providing a comfortable, at-home experience for the weary traveler. Guest Wi-Fi is as critical as the décor, and as ubiquitous as hot water. One Wi-Fi access point in each room provides a communications hub with personal Wi-Fi right in the guest room, just like the guest has at home.

  • Log in once, roaming follows the guest from AP to AP

  • pay once for the access point, skip the management license, firmware fees, technical support.

  • In room Wi-Fi is personal, always on, and never disturbs the guest with disconnections and frustration

Service Provider Benefits – Consistent and Repeatable

Cambium access points designed for hotels include consistent and powerful enterprise class features. Consistency leads to a better performing network, repeatable installation, and lower training cost for field installation teams and sub-contractors. With integrated BLE and Location API, the service provider can build location services and context-aware guest communications.

  • Bulk AP adoption and consistent feature set reduces installation complexity

  • Multi-tier / Multi-user to easily manage large hotel groups

  • Integrated diagnostic tools and OSS/BSS API

  • Run from cloud or on-premises server


Integrated guest portal includes important hospitality features:

  • Integrated payment gateway

  • Voucher based Internet access

  • Passpoint 2.0 authentication

  • Support common 3rd party portals through API integration; or custom


With 802.11ac wave 2, Wi-Fi is 4x faster than it was when the iPad was first launched and 22x faster than Wi-Fi from 10 years ago. We can now support high density conferences with thousands of guest devices and small micro-cell networks in the guest room streaming the latest movie.


The most common Wi-Fi technology found in smartphones, tablets and most laptops is 802.11ac 2×2. The 2×2 combination delivers the best power to performance ratio with actual throughput over 550Mbps per device. All that speed has fantastic benefits: More devices can connect at higher speeds, more reliable. Here’s what the hotel guests will do with all this speed and capacity:

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