An agile workforce is a productive workforce. That’s why our WiFi connectivity empowers your people to work effectively – untethered by the network cables that tie them to their desks. Enabling them to get the things that matter done, regardless of where they are.

But fast, reliable WiFi isn’t just about boosting staff productivity. It’s about enhancing the experience of your customers and visitors too. Showing them you care by getting them online simply, swiftly, securely and reliably.


EasyPass Personal combines security and simplicity, allowing guests, visitors, and employees to automatically and easily create their own secure personal Wi-Fi network on public Wi-Fi. EasyPass Personal provides IT administrators the ability to track user activities and protect their data. 

Get your customers connected with Guest Wi-Fi

Cloud Architecture

Currently, there are five billion Wi-Fi devices in use around the world, a number that will rise to 25 billion by 2020. At this rate, we connect 6.5M new Wi-Fi devices each day! Why the huge upswing? Because Wi-Fi continues to rapidly evolve by taking on new uses. Since its origins, Wi-Fi has transformed from an overlay networking technology used largely in hotels and meeting rooms, to the de-facto access layer to the global Internet.


Billions of consumers now use Wi-Fi to make phone and video calls, connect to social networks, stream movies, book flights, and enjoy thousands of other applications. If you walk into just about any coffee shop, restaurant, library or shopping mall in the country, you are likely to find free Wi-Fi available for public use. Over the last decade, more and more retail establishments and public places have started offering free Wi-Fi for customers and visitors.


The demand is clear – the question is how to deliver. With these types of systems, the more users on the network, the slower the connection…if you get anything at all. Many organisations even simply offer basic connectivity – even though every connection is touchpoint with a customer or prospect, and without engaging means losing the chance for sale or just giving a positive customer opportunity.

Whatever organsation you are, Wi-Fi is an opportunity to provide a great customer experience or provide an opportunity:

Teachers, students and staff move inside campuses and exchanges information. Connectivity is becoming more and more integrated within the learning process. Within education institutions, students, teachers, parents, staff circulate, meet, access learning resources and exchange information. Finely managed access control is critical to any school, college or university, in particular helping on-board and engage with students.

Healthcare institutions rely on Wi-Fi to support Electronic Medical Records, diagnostic testing, e-prescribing and many more key clinical applications. Doctors and nurses access patient data and use clinical applications wherever they are in a hospital, but at the same time share the network with patients and visitors. Hospitals and clinics need to ensure that access to the network is controlled and data secured in a manageable and efficient way. Healthcare institutions rely on the network to support clinical services for patients and staff, private data for administrators, and public access for patients and visitors.

Providing an amazing customer experience.

Offering Wi-Fi is a real necessity for any retail shop, public venue or leisure facility. It’s often the second touch point after the entrance, as customers connect to free Wi-Fi wherever they can. Whether it’s delivering introductory messages or sponsorship revenue through content rich splash pages, geo-targeted promotional offers or up-selling through social media in return for free connectivity, guest Wi-Fi is marketing dream for the instant engagement it offers.

Mobility is key to education.

Delivering patient care in healthcare.

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